Every year, a group of medical students, health care professionals, and community representatives participate in Ride for World Health, a 3,300 mile bicycle ride from Huntington Beach, CA to Bethany Beach, DE, to promote education and awareness of global and domestic health concerns as well as raise needed funds for two beneficiaries.

During our ride, we will stop at numerous locations all over the United States to create a dialogue and lead discussions on issues related to healthcare both here and abroad.

Founded in 2006, Ride for World Health grew from the actions of six medical students who believed that clean water, vaccinations and curative medicines should be available to all people worldwide. Each rider is passionate about educating others and creating change in the current health landscape, realizing that global health includes not only international healthcare issues, but domestic ones as well. We also maintain that raising funds is integral to increasing the standards of medical care in the world’s poorest countries and to propagate healthy changes domestically. By bringing together motivated individuals nationwide, Ride for World Health represents an effective driving force for change by inspiring other medical professionals and communities-at-large to stand up as a unified voice for the millions who suffer at home and abroad.

We believe that education and empowerment of the public is a critical step toward improvements in both global and domestic health. As such, our goals are three-fold: education, advocacy, and fundraising. It is through these three principles that we ride across the country, acting on the belief that through a grassroots campaign we can touch enough lives to affect meaningful change.