Education & Advocacy

Global Health Advocacy

Ride for World Health is committed to improving global health. Global health is quite a broad topic and cannot be covered in one lecture or conversation. We hope that our ride will help draw attention to some of the healthcare challenges faced by the developing world. We will introduce people to global health challenges and help to start discussions about solutions. We will also share ways to get involved and start making a difference.
We are just as passionate about healthcare in America as we are about healthcare in the developing world. America faces unique challenges and many in this country still go without adequate healthcare. This year our focus will be on health literacy. Over half of Americans struggle with health literacy. We believe that this is unacceptable and we will advocate that the government take measures to improve this. Our coast-to-coast lecture series will also address the challenges of health literacy.


Coast-to-Coast Lecture Series

Education is an integral part of Ride for World Health’s mission. Many of the team members are senior medical students who will soon become doctors. We are committed to improving global healthcare and believe that the solution to many of today’s healthcare problems begins with education.
Our coast-to-coast lecture series takes place in communities across the country as we make stops on our ride. We will be speaking to everyone from school children to community members to health professionals. The lecture series is different each year and reflects the interests and passions of the team making the ride. This year, we will be focusing on improving health literacy in America. This involves educating health professionals about the challenges we currently face with health literacy as well as educating patients so that they can make more informed healthcare decisions. We also hope to educate people about issues related to our beneficiaries. Team members have also prepared lectures on a variety of other health topics.


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