Each year, R4WH riders research and choose organizations to support through the ride. In addition to raising funds, the riders speak about these organizations during the ride, bringing awareness about the cause and the efforts.

2019 Beneficiaries:

100% of R4WH 2018 profits will go to charities dedicated to addressing health crises that affect the U.S. and abroad: insecure clean water access and infant mortality. We are passionate about creating meaningful change, and have partnered with organizations who aim to find sustainable solutions to complex problems.

Health in Harmony

Health in Harmony is a non-profit organization spearheading medical and conservation programs in rural Borneo. Over the last thirteen years, they’ve built a multi-faceted healthcare system, launch small business development, and planted tens of thousands of trees to improve health care, conserve rainforest habitat and wildlife, and create a sustainable model where communities can thrive in a sensitive ecosystem.


Rural Community Assistance Partnership

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