Each year, R4WH riders research and choose organizations to support through the ride. In addition to raising funds, the riders speak about these organizations during the ride, bringing awareness about the cause and the efforts.

2019 Beneficiaries:

Beneficiaries for 2019 will be chosen by the entire team doing the national ride. Email with proposals or join the ride to have a say!

2018 Beneficiaries:

100% of R4WH 2018 profits will go to charities dedicated to addressing health crises that affect the U.S. and abroad: insecure clean water access and infant mortality. We are passionate about creating meaningful change, and have partnered with organizations who aim to find sustainable solutions to complex problems.

The Pure Water Access Project

PWAP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to ending clean water crises around the world. Through extensive research, on-the-ground competency, and valuable partnerships with local organizations, the Pure Water Access Project works to guarantee that every clean water intervention is uniquely crafted for the community it aims to help, rooted in both meticulous research and cultural awareness. They also offer fellowship programs, to increase education and awareness among college students on how to become effective advocates and leaders. They are dedicated to creating water sources that are sustainable, clean, and local.


Greif Neonatal Survival Program

A collaboration between multiple departments at the Ohio State University, the Greif is dedicated to establishing healthcare training and delivery programs in developing nations with the goal of permanently improving health conditions in these regions. OSU is focusing its expertise on improving neonatal survival through building in-country health care capacity by means of educational programs for health care workers at all levels, from physicians and nurses to community health care workers. Through this, they established the first Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Haiti.