Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Ride for World Health?
R4WH is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation which utilizes a 3,200 mile cross-country bike ride as a vehicle for change. Our team of national riders is composed of passionate citizens from across the country who are engaged in health sciences, health advocacy and community service. Each spring, we deliver our Coast-To-Coast Lecture Series to approximately 50 venues in towns across the USA. All the while, our efforts raise significant funds for our yearly beneficiary.

Q: How is the yearly beneficiary chosen?
Each year, the beneficiary is chosen by careful research and selection of the planning team. For 2015, we selected Empower and Advance, and Remote Area Medical as they were ideal fits for the mission of Ride for World Health. If you know an organization which may be interested in becoming a beneficiary, please email us.

Q: Why does the Ride for World Health take place in April and May?
The Ride for World Health was founded by a group of fourth year medical students who have the months of April and May off from their clinical rotations. Currently, the ride is continuing to be held at this time as there are still a significant number of medical students involved. Many people who participated in the 2006 ride either took a leave of absence from work or were in a transitional year and had the time free.

Q: How can I talk with other riders about their experiences?
Just drop us an email to Info@r4wh.org. Please try to make questions specific so that she can direct you to the appropriate person. We’d appreciate hearing from you!

Q: Can I get educational credit for the ride from my medical school or other program?
Yes, you can receive educational credit for participating in the ride. The Ohio State University College of Medicine, the institution through which the ride was founded, has supportive deans who will help facilitate the acquisition of credit through your home institution.

Q: I’m interested in becoming a national rider. Is there a specific fundraising goal per rider, and will R4WH assist me with my fundraising?
Great to hear that you’re interested! Yes, rider fundraising is one of the ways by which we’re able to offer significant support to our beneficiary. The goals change each year. So, you can contact Arwa Mesiwala and Dave Hartnett at Recruitment@r4wh.org. He can discuss the goals with you and assist in your efforts. R4WH has an entire set of fundraising documents and guidelines to help make sure you have the assistance you need!

Q: How can an organization or school get involved?
Organizations and schools can get involved in many ways, some of which we probably haven’t even thought of yet! Check out our Support Us section of our Web site to get involved. If you’d be interested in having R4WH stop in your town or school to visit or become a stop for our Coast-To-Coast Lecture Series, email us at Events@r4wh.org.

Also, we make a sincere attempt to keep the logistical costs of the ride as low as possible to ensure that we can make a maximum donation to our beneficiary. Because of this, we’re always looking for a place to sleep or a modest meal. We have finalized our 2014 route, so see the major cities we plan on passing through this year. Some of our common sleeping accommodations have ranged from campsites to high school gymnasiums and church floors. We’re not picky!

Once again, one of our main purposes is to raise money for our yearly beneficiary. So if you’d like to make a donation, become a sponsor or host a fundraiser along our route, we’d truly appreciate it. Please contact Maria Mora or Stephanie Olbrych at Fundraising@r4wh.org or Sponsorship@r4wh.org, respectively.

Q: What’s a Solidarity Ride and can I organize one myself?
A solidarity ride is a community-organized bike ride which will join up with the R4WH along a specific segment of the route. Often times, we involve local cycling clubs, schools and just about anyone who wants to hop on a bike for a good cause! Don’t hesitate to contact Kyle Ryan and Eric Peterson at Logistics@r4wh.org who will be able to assist you in setting up a ride!