R4WH Tour de Southwest – Arizona to New Mexico

3 Day Tour de Southwest Arizona < Pheonix – Payson – Snowflake – Zuni > New Mexico Ride for World Health April 2 – April 5, 2014    I currently writing with an adrenaline rush received from the finishing charge of a century ride (100 miles) from Snowflake, Arizona to Zuni, New Mexico. Today capped off […]

Riders descend mountain outside Julian, California

R4WH Day 2: Julian to Westmorland, CA

I wrote a majority of this post while on my first day on crew, providing support for the Ride for World Health team on the second day of riding from Julian to Westmorland, California. I was joined in the SAG van by Brandon Merling, the COO of this years leadership team. I had the opportunity […]

Ride for World Health 2014 ceremoniously dips tires in Pacific Ocean to begin epic adventure across the United States of America

R4WH Day 1: Begin Epic Adventure

This article was written shortly after our first day on our epic bicycle journey across the USA to raise awareness for global health issues. Enjoy! Ride for World Health officially started our journey on Wednesday, March 26. We woke up in the darkness and scrambled to pack our luggage into the Budget truck and day […]


Across the Country in 54 Days

This is the Ride for World Health, not the Race for World Health. Thank goodness for that, because this was my first time on a road bike, on a road, riding with other people, in traffic, and with clipless pedals. Overwhelming is an understatement of the mountainous 20 mile team practice ride our first day […]


Kyle’s Post

Tonight I will be attending the hooding ceremony for our OSU team members. After many years of incredibly hard work and perseverance, they are being recognized as Doctors of Medicine. Weeks ago, when we set out on the road, I chose tonight as a goal for myself. I  wanted to ride across the United States […]